Building UB: Our Physical Plan

The Impact of Our Physical Plan

Making our campuses more beautiful, sustainable and lovable—in support of academic excellence.

Building UB: the Comprehensive Physical Plan will create one university on three campuses. Our campuses will be better connected, with each other, as well as with our neighbors and the region, and developed in concert with city, town, county, and regional plans.

  • Connecting Campuses to Each Other and the Community

    By creating one university on three campuses, UB will become more integrated with our surrounding neighbors and the region as a whole.

  • Designing a Model For Sustainable Development

    We embrace the responsibility to grow in ways that are cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable.

  • Creating Environments of Excellence

    By creating great spaces for discovery, we will promote our goals in research, teaching, and campus life.

  • Making Great Public Spaces

    The plan aims to enhance the public realm on each of the campuses, spaces where people gather, mix, socialize and exchange ideas, both indoors and outside.