UB 2020 Planning Archives

Phase II: Institutional Planning and Implementation Infrastructure


Identifying UB’s strengths

UB 2020 is a framework for redefining our role as a major public research university for the 21st century. The academic plan that comes from this framework is the result of a new paradigm, reshaping the way we think about who we are and what we do. This new perspective of UB’s strategic strengths is rooted in a combination of our existing strengths as an institution, our previous investments, and the most promising future opportunities for research, scholarship, and creative activities. As a result, we see a new era of interdisciplinary exploration and innovative collaboration among researchers and scholars that builds academic strength beyond the traditional model of institutional organizations. We are supporting this vision through new approaches to investing in infrastructure and support, optimizing our financial resources, and through community and other partnerships that extend the traditional boundaries of the university.

The first phase of UB 2020 was completed early in 2005 with the identification of 10 "strategic strengths" representing areas across the disciplines where UB has the best opportunities to build academic excellence and achieve significant academic prominence and recognition. The 10 areas are broadly defined, reflecting the fact that academic research is increasingly multidisciplinary. They grow out of UB’s established strengths and areas of excellence, and have their roots in the distinctiveness of UB’s faculty, research and creative efforts. Building on strategic strengths

Hundreds of faculty members are participating in retreats to create a vision for each of the 10 strategic strengths. Retreat leaders are authoring position papers identifying unique factors that distinguish or have the potential to set UB apart, as well as areas where the university should focus and invest to become a recognized leader. The position papers will identify resources and capabilities UB possesses, and those that will be necessary to achieve success. Timelines and five-year growth plans with appropriate milestones and a vision for the stages of growth also will be included.