UB 2020 Archives: Community Engagement Task Force

Internal Assessment

Goal - Understanding where we are today

We need to develop common definitions and an understanding of several terms

  • Community
  • Community Relations
  • Public Service
  • Constituent
  • Stakeholder
  • Customer
  • Other

We need to understand who / what UB entities are involved in public service / community relations

  • Who has a role at UB in developing / delivering community relations / public service programs / efforts
    • What are they doing
    • How effective are their efforts
    • What are their measures of success
  • Do we have partners that we use to deliver a part of our community / public service efforts
  • How well do we, as a campus, coordinate and integrate our efforts
  • How well do we keep each other informed about our community relations / public service efforts

We need to understand our public service and community relations goals

  • What are our community relations goals and objectives
  • How do these goals relate to the academic mission of the University
  • Do we have effective strategies in place to achieve these goals (What are they)
  • What are our key messages to the community
  • What is the proper role for a public university in the community

We need to understand what is working well and where we have opportunities to perform better

  • What barriers exist for making progress
  • What processes or systems are in place to support community and public service effort

Internal Assessment Deliverables

  • A documented Assessment of the current public service and community relations efforts at UB
  • A well defined “problem statement”