UB 2020 Archives: Community Engagement Task Force

High Level Approach

Internal and External Assessment

  • Understand and assess current state
  • Identify current processes
  • Identify current stakeholders, roles, responsibilities, process owners, etc.
  • Assess current strategy
  • Identify and assess existing challenges and barriers
  • Understand and evaluate root causes of issues
  • Articulate and quantify (if possible) potential opportunity for UB
  • Identify leading practices
  • Assess competition

Design Solutions

  • Consider and develop alternative solutions
  • Develop over arching strategy
  • Create new processes to support strategy
  • Identify appropriate process owners
  • Identify potential tools to enable / streamline process
  • Test solutions with key stakeholders and sponsor

Develop Recommendations

  • Develop a series of recommendations for
    • Overall strategy
    • New organization wide processes
    • Organization roles and responsibilities
    • Technology as appropriate
  • Create a comprehensive implementation plan
    • Tasks and activities
    • Required resources
    • Timelines