UB 2020 Archives: Community Engagement Task Force

External Assessment

Goal - Understanding today's external environment

 External impacts on strategy

  • How will near and long tern economic forecasts impact strategy
  • How will existing or proposed government initiatives impact our community relations strategy
  • How will local, national and international political forces impact strategy
  • How will government policy shape strategy (particularly in a post 9/11 world)

Community partners

  • Who are our community partners and external stakeholders / constituents
  • What do our Community Partners want and /or expect from UB
  • What are the unique federal and international communities
  • How well do we understand the issues / objectives of our community partners
  • How do we interact with our community partners
  • What measures of success are our community partners using

Leading practices and providers

  • What are the worlds best examples of public service and community empowerment
  • From whom can we learn


  • Which institutions are developing world class community relations programs in our communities
  • What are their approaches and strategies
  • How are they building alliances / relationships / partnerships? (with whom)
  • How are they marketing themselves - What are they selling?
  • How have they brought together their institutions and the Community

External Assessment Deliverables

  1. Comprehensive Assessment of the External Environment
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Clearly articulated Opportunity Statement