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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic vision

UB 2020 Planning Archives

Phase I: Roles and Responsibilities

President and Provost

  • Provide strong leadership and direction and demonstrate top-down commitment
    • Maintain the roadmap, direction and charge of the organization on the future
  • Establish and monitor accountabilities (measures of individual and organizational success)
  • Affirm and make key strategic decisions
  • Maintain a “doable pace” that accommodates the resource demands made by the existing operation and the organizational transformation

Executive Committee


  • Advisory to the president and provost
  • Sets strategic and operational priorities (e.g., project goals and objectives)
  • Allocates resources (budget, people, technology, etc.) in line with strategic priorities
  • Provides functional input (e.g., budget, IT, operations, governance) when needed
  • Monitors implementation plans and initiative results to ensure project success and take corrective action if needed

Planning Committees

  • Academic Planning Committee
  • Academic Support Committee
  • Bioinformatics Business Planning Taskforce
  • Government, University and Industry Taskforce
  • Community Engagement Taskforce


  • Provide thought leadership for key initiatives
  • Provide functional input (e.g., academic, budget, operations, governance) when needed
  • Review and advise on implementation plans and initiative results to ensure project success
    • Recommend corrective action if needed

Project Teams

  • Faculty envisioning groups for the strategic strengths
  • HR Transformation
  • Sponsored Programs Improvement Initiative
  • IT Strategic Transformation


  • Create and implement project and program action plans
  • Conduct necessary analysis to provide deliverables and recommendations to support implementation of campus goals and objectives
  • Provide primary project functional input
    • Provide objectivity, creativity and innovation to ensure the best possible solutions for the campus
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment and willingness to embrace change
    • Support solution development in a team environment

Project Leaders

  • David Felder
    Artistic expression and performing arts
  • TBD
    Bio-defense and response to catastrophic events
  • Bruce Holm
    Bioinformatics and health sciences
  • Robert Granfield
    Civic Engagement and Public Policy
  • Leonard Epstein
    Clinical sciences and experimental medicine
  • Venugopal Govindaraju
    Information and computing technology
  • Tamara Thornton
    Cultural, historical and literary/textual studies
  • Kenneth Blumenthal
    Molecular understanding of biological systems
  • Alex Cartwright
  • Paula Zagora
    HR Transformation
  • Charles Kaars and Deborah Scott
    Sponsored Programs Improvement Initiative
  • Elias Eldayrie
    IT Strategic Transformation


  • Assume ownership for the day to day activities of individual project teams
    • Work with consultants to develop work plans, team tasks, activities, timelines, and deliverables
  • Coordinate team member effort outside of meetings
  • Primary advisory role to the Steering Committees
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment and willingness to embrace change
    • Support solution development in a team environment

Consulting Firm

UB has engaged the services of AVCOR Consulting to provide guidance and facilitation of the planning process. Their services include:

  • Planning Methodology
  • Project Management
  • Facilitation
  • Program Management
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Best Practice Reviews
  • Administrative Support