October 12th, 2015: Dr. Chris Hendrickson, Distinguished Lecturer - Innovation in Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering

Professor Linda Boyle .

Chris Hendrickson, Ph.D. Hamerschlag University Professor Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University Director, Traffic 21 Institute Member, National Academy of Engineering Editor-In-Chief, ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering


Chris Hendrickson is the Hamerschlag University Professor Emeritus, Director of the Traffic 21 Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, member of the National Academy of Engineering and Editor-in-Chief of the ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering. His research, teaching and consulting are in the general area of engineering planning and management, including design for the environment, system performance, construction project management, finance and computer applications. 

Hendrickson pioneered models of dynamic traffic equilibrium, including time-of-day departure demand models. He was an early contributor to the development of probabilistic network analysis for lifeline planning after seismic events. His work in construction project management emphasized the importance of the owner's viewpoint throughout the project lifecycle. With others at Carnegie Mellon's Engineering Design Research Center, he developed a pioneering, experimental building design system in the early 1990s that spanned initial concept through construction scheduling and animation

Since 1994, he has concentrated on green design, exploring the environmental life cycle consequences of alternative product and process designs. He has contributed software tools and methods for sustainable construction, pollution prevention and environmental management, including life cycle analysis software and a widely cited analysis of the life cycle consequences of lead acid battery powered vehicles.

Innovation in Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering

Meet with Dr. Hendrickson early from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM before his 11:00 AM presentation, "Innovation in Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering." 

Dr. Hendrickson's discussion will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Transformative technologies, like new fuels and big data breakthroughs, and how they affect our understanding of transportation engineering
  • Trends affecting current systems, such as distracted driving and financial restraints
  • The effects of the environment with special attention to climate change and sustainability
  • ...and much more!
Join us in 133 Ketter Hall for the meet and greet, and then 140 Ketter Hall for the presentation.