April 29th, 2016: Bob Gutman, 11:00 AM - Noon, 140 Ketter Hall, University at Buffalo, North Campus

Professor Linda Boyle .

Bob Gutman, AVP Operations Research Modeling & Analytics CSX Transportation


Bob has more than 30 years of experience with CSX Transportation and the railroad industry. During that time he has held a wide range of leadership positions in Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Operations.

He currently works in Service Design, and has responsibility for all Operations Research and Network Modeling activities. He manages the deployment of analytical models developed based on mathematical modeling, optimization, algorithm design, simulation, and data analytics. He has a BS from Cornell University, and an MBA from Loyola College.

Leveraging Operations Research & Advanced Analytics at CSX Transportation to Meet Today’s Business Challenges

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CSX Transportation is North America’s largest Class I Railroad east of the Mississippi River. With a nearly 21,000-mile network serving 23 states, Washington D.C., Ontario, and Quebec, CSXT transports a broad portfolio of goods from metals, emerging energy resources, agricultural products, automobiles, and consumer products. Despite the longevity of the rail industry in the United States, CSX Transportation is now facing some of the biggest challenges in its history. This discussion will provide an overview of CSX, an inside look at some of the challenges it faces, and how operations research and advanced analytics are applied to resolve these challenges.