TransInfo Research Facilities

University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

The civil engineering department at UPR-M.

The Transportation Engineering at UPR-M has two labs: Transportation Laboratory and Computer Assisted Instruction and Research Laboratory.

Transportation Laboratory

The Transportation Laboratory has an area of approximately 900 square feet and includes three computers and two traffic control cabinets.  An extensive collection of transportation journals, including Transportation Research Records, are available to the students and faculty.  The main equipment consists of traffic data counters, two laser guns, four PEEK ADR 1000 traffic classifiers, one digital counter, and two digital cameras.  The computers are equipped with traffic related software, such as HCM, TransCAD, Synchro, and Sidra.

Computer Assisted Instruction and Research Laboratory (CAIReL)

The Computer Assisted Instruction and Research Laboratory (CAIReL) aims at substantially improving the quality of education and research among universities with high number of underrepresented and minority students. Both students and faculty are benefiting from this facility.  The lab’s computers are equipped with engineering related software, such as AutoCAD, Eagle Point, Matlab, and MathCAD. Other software programs that are available in some of the computers are SIDRA, SAP 2000, SAFE, Slope, Sure Trak, AIA Contract Documents, ArcMap, Primavera, Quantum GIS, and WinPAS.