TransInfo Research Facilities

CUBRC's Center for Transportation Injury Research

CUBRC's Center for Transportation Injury Research (CenTIR) was established in 1998 at CUBRC, an independent, not-for-profit, research corporation in Buffalo, N.Y.

Initially, the mission of the CenTIR was to perform research leading to a reduction in motor vehicle crash deaths, crash injuries and the social and financial costs associated with these events. Several research projects were therefore directed at acquiring a better understanding of the causes of crash injury, which could then drive recommendations for in-vehicle safety improvements, educational programs to change unsafe behavior, etc. Accepting that some serious injury crashes will inevitably occur, other research efforts focused on improving post-crash notification and emergency response to the scene, including assessments of trauma system access and development of advanced information tools and technologies to improve real-time triage, transport and treatment decision-making. 

Recently, the CenTIR’s mission was expanded to include research to develop the ‘next generation’ of emergency response technologies. The intent is to exploit anticipated new technologies (e.g., cyber-physical systems), which could greatly improve the capabilities of emergency responders, whether they are responding to a single motor vehicle crash or to a large scale disaster. The goal is to make a ‘generational leap’ in emergency response and rescue capabilities – a leap guided by a vision for the future as it might appear in 20 years under a (post-IntelliDrive), fully Integrated Active Transportation System (IATS). By performing the advanced research required to realize this vision now, emergency responders will be poised and ready to take full advantage of the upcoming cyber technology revolution.