Certified Lean Professional

This course prepares participants to implement tools of the waste-minimizing Lean methodology, resulting in cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction, cycle-time reduction, standardized work and higher quality. Sessions encompass a Kaizen simulation, problem solving, project charters, change management and team leadership skills, value stream mapping, and other Lean techniques. Certification requires passing an exam and completing a successful Lean project.


  • 70 hours for 8 people
  • 89 hours for 12 people
  • 107 hours for 16 people

* Note: 

  • Hours are inclusive of classroom training plus mentoring
  • Attendees who do not wish to be certified only attend classroom training and do not receive mentoring
  • These hours are offered on site at a company; the open enrollment version of CLP is 33.5 hours

Learning Outcomes

  • Grasp the concept of value added and non-valued added activities
  • Recognize the eight types of waste within an organization
  • Become effective Lean leaders and valuable team members within an organization, equipped with the Lean tools and concepts to help eliminate waste, improve on-time delivery, decrease cycle time and boost product quality

Intended Audience

Highly motivated individuals serving in a range of positions at any type of organization, from shop-floor employees to executives


  • Identification of an improvement project before first class
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint