Glauber Equipment Corporation

Glauber Equipment Corporation employee at work.

In 2007, Glauber Equipment Corporation approached TCIE for an assessment of its quality system against requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Results confirmed that the industrial distributor of pumps and air compressors needed an efficiency makeover if it was to exist in the marketplace. With TCIE’s assistance, development of a formalized business management system and implementation of Lean initiatives helped Glauber not only persevere through the economic recession that began in 2008, but emerge as a stronger, more profitable competitor.

The Approach

  • Guided employees in creating a quality policy that complies with ISO standard requirements and related documents, and trained them in implementing and internally auditing the new system
  • Provided instruction to both managers and general workforce employees in the effective use of metrics to evaluate performance
  • Provided a Lean overview program to the entire workforce
  • Instructed employees from across the company in Value Stream Mapping, 5S and Kaizen to quickly improve processes

The Impact

  • Reduced overall costs substantially; for example, profitability rose in one year despite sales dropping by 20%
  • Developed and implemented an ISO 9001-compliant business management system
  • Improved productivity of the Service Department by leveraging and making better use of the ERP system through training and analyzing processes
  • Improved functionality of the Packaged Systems Department through: 1) better sourcing; 2) improved management of shop supplies; 3) rearrangement of inventory; and 4) reduced rework as a result of more thorough designs and better communication