09/21/2016: Sustainable & Production Capable Additive Manufacturing

Discussing Moog's recently acquired additive manufacturing facility. Keynote speaker: Chris Layer

Innovation Conversations are a series of discussions to promote collaboration for multidisciplinary challenges in Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies

Description and Details

Chris Layer, Principle Engineer will discuss Moog's recently acquired additive manufacturing facility, it's capabilities and continued innovations in the additive manufacturing field that can be implemented in various applications. 

A discussion on opportunities to collaborate with UB will follow. 

MOOG Innovation Team:

  • Chris Layer, Principle Engineer
  • Mark Undersell, Principle Engineer
  • Jim van Oss, Product Line Engineering Manager
  • Gonzalo Rey, Chief Technology Officer
  • George Small, Principle Engineer
  • Emily Ceccarelli, Technology and Advanced Pursuits Section Head

Please join us

September 21st at 10 AM,

in 140 Ketter Hall,

UB north campus