Innovating the Built Environment with LPCiminelli

Educating future leaders on applied technology advances in construction. Keynote speaker: Melinda Hoffman

Innovation Conversations are a series of discussions to promote collaboration for multidisciplinary challenges in Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies.

Description and Details

Melinda Hoffman, Director of Virtual Technology at LP Ciminelli, walks through the construction process and the types of software and information technology used in each stage. 

Learn how increasing IT integration improves construction economics and the potential for improving building operations through data integration.

Topics include:

  • Construction Technology Overview
  • Site Software tools and uses
  • Modeling tools and Quantification
  • Laser Scanning Software and Development
  • Scheduling tools and Logistics Planning
  • Coordination Software and purpose
  • As-Builts and Facilities management
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Join un Friday, October 28, 1 - 2 PM

140 Ketter Hall

Ub North Campus