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To learn how one local company is pioneering the use of robotics and automation in the construction industry. Keynote speaker: Scott Peters

Innovation Conversations are a series of discussions to promote collaboration for multidisciplinary challenges in Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies

Description and Details

Construction faces many challenges today, including constant cost and schedule pressures as well as labor challenges across the industry.

Construction Robotics(CR), a WNY based company, is revolutionizing construction by addressing these challenges with robotics and automation products designed for the construction industry.

Scott Peters will give a shot history of Construction Robotics and provide an introduction of the world's first commercially available robotic bricklaying system, S.A.M. (short for Semi-Automated Mason).

He will discuss some of SMA's digital construction capabilities, experience to date, and the challenges and successes of bringing a revolutionary product to market in the construction industry. 

Join us Wednesday, February 1st. 10:30-11-30am.

217 Hayes Hall

UB South Campus

About Scott Peters

Sccot Peters is the President and cofounder at Construction Robotics

Scott has held various roles in engineering and management across a range of industries over the past 14 years. Scott has experience developing advanced manufacturing technologies and robotic automation concepts. At CR he has led the team from concept to completion of the world’s first prototype Semi-Automated Masonry (SAM) robotic brick laying system. Scott is an inventor and entrepreneur and has invented technologies in numerous industries.

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