Engagement Group

EOC construction

By engaging partners outside the university through our focused expertise and unique capabilities, the Engagement working group of SMART will enable the development and application of new methodologies, software, and technologies to support Governor Cuomo’s desire for resurgence in manufacturing in New York State. 

Engagement activities will include:

  • Connecting with the twenty-one other institutions of higher learning associated with Startup NY, attract industry, students, and faculty from across the state in support of innovative, sustainable product realization and construction processes,
  • Collaborating with regional development organizations (e.g., Buffalo Niagara Enterprise) to highlight the focused investment in space, expertise, and equipment to add an additional incentive to attract businesses to utilize the Community’s expertise and relocate in the region,
  • Partnering with the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership to establish a small business engine as students develop expertise in design, manufacturing, digital construction and innovation,
  • Catalyzing collaboration with the UB Center for Advanced Biomedical and Bioengineering Technology (UB CAT) in the development and manufacturing of advanced medical devices and innovative healthcare delivery,
  • Creating a sustainable manufacturing and advanced robotics workshop that will enable regional companies to come to UB and interact with researchers via poster and panel sessions,
  • Augmenting Buffalo Manufacturing Works (i.e., EWI-NY) with research expertise in advanced manufacturing and construction robotics to connect industry with faculty and students,
  • Positioning UB, through membership in DMDII or an equivalent national manufacturing institute, to participate in national-scale research partnerships and funding opportunities to catalyze a wave of new explorations and industrial applications, 
  • Becoming a critical engagement resource to connect students at all levels (K-20) to STEM opportunities in the innovative design and manufacturing of systems, products, and buildings,
  • Engaging elementary and secondary school students in manufacturing and advanced robotics experiences to increase and retain interest in STEM careers
  • Partnering with NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership organizations (e.g., Insyte) to disseminate advanced manufacturing expertise within the national NIST MEP system, and
  • Partnering with construction firms, building product manufacturers, and business incubators to provide access to SMART CoE manufacturing equipment and expertise.