Education Advisory Group

students in shop

The Education advisory group will focus on how the SMART CoE addresses components of  the university’s educational mission.  The educational strategies employed in the Community will focus on providing students with experiential learning opportunities that immerse them in the grand challenges associated with advanced design, manufacturing, and construction across scales of time, size, and complexity. 

Community educational activities will include:

  • A corporate enterprise model for student engagement (i.e., UB Inc.) that supports interaction with industry, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary experiential learning projects,
  • A student-centric, reconfigurable Sandbox facility for testing of working robot prototypes, agile product realization, and teaching demonstrations,
  • Entrepreneurial learning opportunities incorporated into the experiential learning afforded by UB Inc. and the Sandbox to promote sponsored innovation and the formation of spin-off companies,
  • Internships for undergraduates in design, manufacturing, and advanced robotics based on industrial partnerships, and
  • Curricular initiatives, seminars and workshops for faculty and students to incorporate advanced rapid prototyping technologies into educational experiences.
  • An interdisciplinary masters program in advanced design and manufacturing with emphasis on hands-on experiences; this program, ideally in place by year 3, will also focus on the needs of local industry while equipping students with an understanding of future design and manufacturing technologies