Faculty and Staff

Collaborating across the university, the SMART CoE is an open community in which faculty members from any decanal units are welcome as affiliate members. We provide resources that promote the interdisciplinary study of advanced and sustainable manufacturing across multiple scales.  

SMART's nucleus of excellent researchers capable of responding to the challenge, includes experts in systems and materials design, robotics, additive manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing and construction, human-system interaction and production ergonomics.

The community's work is enhanced by existing university centers and labs (e.g., CEDAS, Digital Manufacturing Lab, Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies, the Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group) and partnerships in the region (e.g., EWI-NY, Insyte Consulting, Center for Excellence in Materials Informatics, WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable), specialty areas that present opportunities for future growth and greater synergy in Western New York.

The SMART community is uniquely advancing the scientifically and technologically rich field of product realization across scales by integrating engineering, architecture and business. It is driven to create innovative, computer-aided fabrication methods that are both sustainable and economically viable.