Understanding Sustainability

At UB, sustainability is part of the campus culture. We practice it every day.

A New Way of Thinking

Sustainability is about meeting today’s needs without sacrificing the needs of the next generation. Here at UB, sustainability is a culture of teaching that prepares our students for a changing world—one where solar panels proliferate in place of fossil fuels.

Sustainability requires solving our problems with a different way of thinking. It means making discoveries that positively change the way we live day to day and interact with the world. It means looking at our own carbon footprint and reducing that to zero.

Innovative measures we're taking on our campuses include opening the UB Solar Strand, bringing five new LEED-designed buildings online within a year, recycling waste through an innovative single-stream process, and composting what waste we don’t recycle.

To empower other people to make change, we share our best resources—our students and faculty—through service projects in Buffalo Niagara and beyond. Globally, UB students are working in places like the Louisiana Bayou, the Dominican Republic and Africa. For years, our faculty have partnered with the community to address legacy environmental issues and discover new solutions together.