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Members of Alpha Kappa Chi help launch Zero Waste at UB Stadium.

UB has created a strategic plan to move the university toward Zero Waste.  Our goal is to reduce the amount of physical waste that is produced across our campuses.  The plan specifically focuses on how to improve UB's campus-wide recycling diversion rate and expand composting opportunities.

Zero Waste Stadium

Help UB Football tackle ZERO WASTE.

During the 2014 football season, UB students volunteered more than 580 hours to help UB Stadium go green, by ensuring fans recycle and compost.  A BIG thank you to our awesome students!

Volunteers are needed for all 2015 home games. 

2015 Home Game Schedule

Sat. 5th vs. Albany @ 3:30 PM
Sat. 26th vs. Nevada @ TBA

Sat. 3rd vs. Bowling Green @ 3:30 PM
Sat. 24th vs. Ohio @ 3:30 PM

Wed. 11th vs. Northern Illinois @ 8 PM
Fri. 27th vs. Massachusetts @ TBA

Areas of focus

  • Understand perceptions and differing levels of recycling literacy across campus
  • Evaluate current state of recycling infrastructure
  • Research and identify best practice behaviors at AAU institutions and leading sustainability colleges and universities that would be scalable to UB
  • Develop specific outreach, engagement and communications strategies to reach more community members and at different levels
  • Document opportunities for cost avoidance and revenue generation related to waste reduction and propose ways to invest saved revenue
  • Develop specific action items management can implement with custodial staff to improve recycling efforts and program transparency
  • Create systematic tools to document recycling problems and solutions, in order to help identify recurring issues and build upon everyday accomplishments
  • Establish and implement campus criteria for purchasing indoor and outdoor recycling equipment to ensure program consistency
  • Create a plan to implement and/or improve recycling opportunities for Downtown Campus 
Get Involved

Contributions from people like you help make the campus greener and raise awareness about sustainability efforts in our communities. LEARN MORE >