logo for ub reuse event.

UBReUSE is a student-run campus waste diversion program supported by UB Sustainability and Campus Living. The program captures goods during move-out, that are useful, but no longer wanted or needed by their owner. UBReUSE's goal is to connect these materials with new owners and reduce the amount of stuff going to landfill.

Get Involved

UB students can support UBReUSE in a number of ways.

  1. Volunteer to help!  Volunteers are the lifeblood of UBReUSE. Volunteers collect, sort, clean, price, inventory and sell items.  Our program needs students with a variety of skillsets to succeed.  
  2. Donate materials to UBReUSE during move-out week.
  3. Buy materials at the UBReUSE sale during move-in week.
  4. Share your ideas to improve UBReUSE!