Kids' Earth Day Art Show

It's the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and UB Sustainability is showcasing how children celebrate the environment.  

Earth Day message.

Coraline Saylor, age 8

photo collage.

Sophie Kimelberg, age 11

Dolphin mosaic.

Adriana Rivera, age 8

Earth Day Comic.

Knox Vaughan, age 10

animal collage.

Lucio Moscati, age 10

animals on farm.

Ellis LaDelfa, age 10

human impacts.

Charlotte Comins, age 10

Jackson Chazen.

Jackson Chazen, age 10

Audrey Mathur.

Audrey Mathur, age 3

Brodie Kishel, age 10.

Brodie Kishel, age 10

Eliana Barrick.

Eliana Barrick, age 6

Emma Milizia.

Emma Milizia, age 7

Save the Earth.

Cecelia Donoghue, age 11

Marcus Morreale.

Marcus Morreale, age 8

Ethan Crombie.

Ethan Crombie, age 7