UPDATE!! 4.29.19: The location of Transforming our Tomorrow has been changed to 6 Norton!

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As the world seeks to find the solutions that will build resiliency in the face of climate change, universities and colleges have stepped up to the plate. Innovation and creativity are pivotal in driving the technology we need to change the current unsustainable system of energy production.

Transforming Our Tomorrow: A New Clean Energy Vision

UB Sustainability is searching for students from across New York State to present their revolutionary ideas that will create a more sustainable world through clean energy. Students that have completed a project or program, or have an idea for a new policy or invention, can apply to compete for a cash prize at the University at Buffalo’s Transforming our Tomorrow. Participants will have five minutes to showcase their work either in teams or individually.


In total, eight individuals or groups will be chosen to present in April. Each of the 

Each presentation will be scored by a panel of judges on from the following rubric:

  • Creativity
  • Presentation
  • Research

First place will receive $3000, second place $2000, and third place will receive $1000. 

One project will be awarded a bonus prize of $200 for its consideration on the social impacts of clean energy. This could mean their project's implications for low-income communities, developing countries, gender equality, education, racial equity and more.

All students that participate will receive a professionally edited video of their presentation. 

Your talk will strive to:

Indvidual students that have completed research or service, or have an idea for a new policy or innovation involving clean energy have the opportunity to present it in a five minute format on stage at this clean energy symposium. They should highlight the successes and struggles of the project, and envision its potential future. 

Your talk will strive to:

  • Challenge the audience's pre-conceived notions of a particular topic
  • Present something that the audience has probably never thought about
  • Reveal something the audience has never considered about an existing topic
  • Inspire the audience to take action

Summary of Last Year's event: