Move in the Green Way

Welcome to UB! As you move into your on or off campus housing, check out our tips below for moving in the green way...

Plan to arrive early to grab all your back-to-school needs on the cheap!  

Tips for Packing

  • Use reusable totes and suitcases that will last for years
  • Wrap fragile items with clothing, sheets or towels instead of packing materials
  • Talk with your roommate(s) before moving to discuss who will be responsible for bringing particular furnishings to the room.  There's no need for two televisions!
  • Plan ahead to avoid multiple car trips to bring all of your things to campus.

What to Bring to Campus

  • Reusable kitchen ware-- storage containers, plates, cups, utensils, etc.
  • Refillable water bottles and coffee mugs. Filtered water refill stations are located across
  • campus.  Some cafes offer a discount when you bring your own mug.
  • Energy star rated electronics and appliances.
  • Automatic shut off electric tea kettles or Keurig’s are preferred
  • Compact refrigerators only
  • Power strips. Many devices draw energy even when turned off. Plug all your electronic devices
  • into a power strip, and simply flip the switch when they are not in use. Be sure it includes a
  • surge protector/circuit breaker.
  • A bicycle. Don’t forget a helmet, lock and lights.  If you don’t have a bike, no worries!  Simply use the UB bike share program!
  • Energy efficient LED light bulbs.
  • Plants for your room- they help clean the air and bring a bit of nature indoors!
  • Reusable shopping bags.
  • Warm bedding and clothing– conserve energy by putting on a sweater or adding an extra blanket before you turn up the heat.
  • Recycled content paper, notebooks, and other school supplies.

What NOT to Pack

  • A personal printer. UB provides free printing quotas per semester to students at multiple ocations. Don’t forget to print double sided.
  • Electric heaters or blankets.
  • Extension cords.  Only surge protectors are allowed.
  • Microwave ovens, toasters, rice cookers, slow cookers, hot plates are not allowed in on campus housing

Reduce Waste

  • Reuse or recycle cardboard from moving into your dorm room.
  • Coffee lover? Bring your own mug and refill on campus at a discounted rate!
  • Making your own coffee with a Keurig? Buy a reusable K- cup and save money by only buying coffee grounds while reducing your waste!
  • Avoid purchasing water in single-use plastic–carry a reusable bottle and take advantage of the free filtered water refill stations located across campus.
  • Recycle paper, plastic, cans, batteries and cardboard on campus.  UB’s All-In-One recycling program makes recycling easy-just be sure to keep trash and compostable material out of recycling!
  • Carry reusable shopping bags to the store
  • Print double sided and avoid printing when possible
  • Buy secondhand and donate your unwanted goods right on campus.  Red donation centers are located near Ellicott Dorms
  • Rent your textbooks instead of buying new
  • Participate in UBReUSE, UB's on campus waste diversion program that collects unwanted, gently used materials after move out in May and refurbishes items to be sold at a deeply discounted price.  This year the sale is August 22nd–August 24th from 8am-5pm at the Ellicott Complex

Save Water

  • Limit shower time to five minutes.
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and use cold water to minimize energy and water use.
  • Don’t leave the water running while you wash the dishes or brush your teeth
  • If you notice a water leak or dripping tap in your room or anywhere on your floor, report it immediately by notifying the front desk in your building (24/7)

Conserve Energy

  • Turn off the lights and electronics when you’re not in your room.
  • Dress for the weather! Add layers of clothing before turning up the heat.
  • Enable your computer’s power saving settings. When possible, shut down instead of logging off
  • Turn down the heat when you’re not in your room and keep the windows closed when the heat is on.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Keep windows and doors closed in buildings with heating or cooling systems running

Green Your Lifestyle

  • Go car free! Bike, walk or opt for public transport.  UB Stampede and campus shuttles are free for students and connect the three UB campuses
  • Use the Zipcar system for a convenient way to travel without having to keep a car on campus.  Anyone over 18 can sign up for Zipcar through UB
  • Get a student membership to UB Bike Share
  • Choose meat free meals several times per week.
  • Create a compost pile if you are living off campus
  • Love your leftovers!
  • Take note of what you have before making a grocery run– remember 40% of the food we grow on US soil ends up in the landfill.
  • Shop local markets and small businesses.  Some off campus local vendors accept UB Campus Cash!

Following these simple steps will help UB become a more sustainable place for you, the Bull community, and future generations of Bulls.

There are so many opportunities to get involved in Sustainability at UB.  Stay connected with us to discover more sustainable tips, and plenty engagement opportunities from student competitions to clubs and fellowship opportunities!