Leadership Fellows (ELFS)


The 2016 class of Leadership Fellows having fun at their leadership training.



UB Sustainability is currently accepting applications for student leaders to serve as Education and Leadership Fellows in Sustainability (ELFS) as part of the Change Agents Scholars Initiative.  ELFS will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with the UB Sustainability Office during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters. 

  • Grow your professional skillset through hands-on experience
  • Attend outdoor adventure and leadership retreat
  • Collaborate on high-impact campus initiatives
  • Have the opportunity to learn from and network with local and national leaders in sustainability 
  • Leave a positive legacy at UB and beyond 
  • Change the world & have fun doing it!

Program Overview

  1. Professional experience: Fellows will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working collaboratively to implement projects during Spring Semester.
  2. Leadership Training: Fellows will have an opportunity to participate in an intensive, off-campus leadership development retreat, along with the chance to network with sustainability professionals and participate in ongoing skill development by working with local, regional and national leaders.
  3. Rigorous selection: Students will work with fellow top preforming students with a strong interest in and/or experience with community engagement and an interest in developing their leadership skills.
  4. Commitment: Fellows are expected to contribute to projects during Spring Semester and to Earth Week events. Time spent as a fellow may, in some cases be used to fulfill other experiential learning requirements where appropriate. 

Snaphot of scheduled events

  • November 11th: Leadership retreat 
  • Throughout Fall and Spring Semester: REV Campus Challenge initiative
  • Throughout Fall and Spring Semester: Occasional lectures and/or workshop events
  • April 2017: Earth Month program/activity/event
  • April 20:  ELFs Recognition Event & Professional Networking Opportunity
  • May 12 to 27: UBReUSE move-out event