Points of Intervention Tour 2018

Repair Fair & Speakers Series


60% of global greenhouse gas output comes directly from the stuff we consume. Repair and Reuse, before you recycle! 

Learn about the Repair Fair

When is the Repair Fair?

Monday, March 12, 2018
12 pm- 3 pm
Student Union Lobby
UB North Campus 

What's a Repair Fair?

A Repair Fair is a community event where individuals can bring broken items or items in need of repair (i.e. clothing, small appliances, toys, furniture, etc.) to have expert volunteer "fixers" try to repair the item alongside them for free.

While there is no guarantee that an item can be fixed, participants are sure to learn something new and have fun along the way.  It's not just about fixing things, it's about reducing waste and building community!

How do I participate?

  1. Gather items that you have which are broken or in need of a repair.  
  2. Bring the items to our Repair Fair on Monday, March 12 from 12- 3 pm
  3. Be connected with a "fixer"
  4. Walk away having learned something and with a fixed item!*

*Sorry, but we cannot guarantee that all items can be fixed. 

I'm coming from off-campus. Where do I park?

Center for Tomorrow Lot: door to door "valet service" courtesy of Student Association will begin at 10 am and continue throughout the day. Avoid getting lost and having to lug your stuff!  Park in the Center for Tomorrow lot, and hop in one of the SA marked vehicles for VIP drop-off to the Repair Fair.  Please plan to take advantage of this free service!

Can I volunteer to fix things?


This event is part of an on-going series of Dare to Repair Cafes in the Buffalo Niagara community.

I'm not handy, can I still help?


Volunteers are needed to help with the nuts-and-bolts at the Fair--from setting up and breaking tables, to counting the number of participants.  We are also in need of docents who can direct participants from parking lots to the Student Union, and provide a helping hand in carrying over sized items for people.   

Learn about the Speakers Series

When is the Speakers Series?

Monday, March 12
4:00- 5:30 pm
Student Union Theater

Dynamic, Ted-style presentations featuring individuals and organizations who are challenging the linear consumption model from the point of extraction all the way to the site of disposal.

Speakers will highlight the resistance efforts of frontline communities, companies who are taking holistic approaches to manufacturing, water protectors and land defenders who stand for indigenous sovereignty, and lots of other work, we strive to show the many of ways we can intervene in this broken system. 

Be inspired to take action!

Thanks to our partners!

  • City of Buffalo Department of Recycling
  • the Foundry
  • Friends of Reinstein Woods
  • Goodwill
  • Klean Kanteen
  • Knowledgefire
  • LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Post Landfill Action Network: PLAN
  • Preservation Buffalo Niagara
  • UB Campus Living
  • UB Student Association
  • UB Sustainability
  • University Heights Community Laboratory
  • University Heights Tool Library
  • Valu Home Centers

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