All In One Recycling

all in one.

Recycling at UB is All In One.  This means you can place all recyclable materials, including paper, boxes, bottles, cans and containers in the same receptacle.  Just be sure to always keep trash out of our recycling containers.

The key to a successful recycling program is to eliminate contamination. 

Just because an item has the ability to be recycled, does not mean it is accepted in UB's recycling bins.  Recycling bins are contaminated when an item, not listed as accepted in UB's recycling program, is placed in a recycling container.   Please ensure food and beverage containers are empty, and rinsed or wiped clean.  If you are unsure if an item is accepted in UB's recycling bins, please place the item in the trash.

What can be recycled in the All In One bins?

paper items & cardboard

  • white and colored paper
  • shredded paper (in clear plastic bags)
  • newspaper
  • magazines & catalogs
  • junk mail
  • cardboard boxes
  • pizza boxes (remove wax paper)
  • paperback books
  • files & folders
  • paperboard (paper towel rolls, food boxes)


  • aluminum cans
  • steel & tin cans
  • clean aluminum foil 
  • clean foil take-away containers
  • metal cookware 

glass jars & bottles

  • clear glass only
  • clear beverage bottles
  • clear food jars
  • clear wine bottles


*Update* March 2019

Due to plastic scrap import bans in China UB's recycling processor Modern Disposal Service has adjusted the plastic commodities which can be diverted for recycling.

  • number 1 and 2 plastics with screw top style opening/mouth smaller than base  (ex. water, milk, laundry, soap)
  • shampoo & conditioner bottles 

What CANNOT be recycled in the All In One bins?

The following items are considered trash. Please do NOT place these items in campus recycling bins.

paper items & cardboard

  • paper coffee cups
  • hardcover books
  • napkins
  • tissue paper
  • paper towels
  • waxed paper
  • wrapping paper
  • any paper product which has the potential to be contaminated with bodily fluids

glass jars & bottles

  • colored glass (brown, green, etc.)
  • light bulbs
  • mirrors
  • window panes
  • ceramic
  • crystal
  • ANY broken glass should be wrapped in paper and placed in a sealed box labeled "BROKEN GLASS"


  • plastic shopping bag 
  • plastic "baggies"
  • shrink wrap and bubble wrap
  • plastic cutlery 
  • plastic dairy containers
  • plastic clamshell-style packaging
  • styrofoam containers, packaging and peanuts
  • any plastic container with an opening/mouth larger than base


  • aerosal cans
  • motor oil cans
  • metal and cardboard containers (i.e. spiral containers)
  • paint cans

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