Erie Hack Flyer.
Erie Hack Teams.

Thank you to all of the teams that participated in Buffalo's Erie Hack. There was a phenomenal showing by the four teams that competed. We are looking forward to the next competition. Watch the video below for a recap of the 2019 Buffalo Erie Hack.

CazWest: Wastewater Warehouse

Caz West.

CazWest is a team of Buffalo innovators that have developed SMS-based chatbots and analytical dashboards to help decentralize the process of storm and wastewater data collection. Their toolkit, “The Wastewater Warehouse,” allows individuals, businesses, and governments to access, explore, and participate in the collection, management, and visualization of data, enabling easy interaction with datasets to promote informed decision making.

CazWest is Buffalo's first place winner where they won $3,000 and advanced on to the semifinals in Detroit where they again took first place and won $5,000. They had a great showing at the Cleveland finals and continue to work on their Wastewater Warehouse.

Caz West in Cleveland.

Engineers for a Sustainable World: Solar MAP

ESW Team.

Solar MAP, or Solar Marine Autonomous Platform, is an innovative and adaptable solution to Lake Erie’s data problems. Creating an ideal drone platform, Solar MAP allows for the capture of water quality data that is tailored to fit the needs of the location. This solution will allow areas to test for water quality data that is relevant to them and allows for the production of data visuals that make information easy to understand and accessible. This was designed by undergraduate students at the University at Buffalo representing the organization Engineers for A Sustainable World.

ESW won second place at our Buffalo competition clinching $2,000 and moved on to present their idea at the semifinals in Detroit. 

ESW Detroit.

Watch the Full Event below