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Sustainability Courses

Our sustainability courses offer multiple ways for students to be directly involved in learning and instruction.

Spring 2015 Sustainability Courses

At UB we have many sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses as described below. Here a couple being offered Spring 2015.

Physical Planning

END 473- Projects in Physical Planning and Design

Sustainable Urban Environments

END 302 -Sustainable Urban Environments: UB campus as a living laboratory

Defining Sustainability Courses

Sustainability-focused courses

Sustainability-focused courses are those courses that have as a central topical component the study of the long-term dynamic interplay between ecological integrity economic vitality, and social welfare. These courses constitute the instructional correlate to core research into sustainability.

Sustainability-related courses

Sustainability-related courses should have as part of their course content (1) the study of at least one of the following (a) ecological integrity, (b) economic vitality , or (c) social welfare over time with a particular focus on the pressures we can expect on the features of sustainability in light of expected environmental, economic, and social constraints; and (2) the consideration of at least one of the following sustainability-relevant applications highlighting those constraints.  

1.       Ecosystem science, broadly construed

2.       Management, conservation or preservation of natural resources

3.       Examination of the role of values and ethics in science and public policy

4.       Investigation of legal frameworks or regulatory policies that shape human behavior toward the natural world

5.       Economic prosperity and human welfare

6.       Health, human wellbeing, and the environment

7.       Multidisciplinary investigation of human-environment interactions

8.       Technology and technological innovation

9.       Exploration of the interrelation of technology and science with public policy

10.    Civic engagement and political participation

11.    Social and political equity

12.    Educational opportunity

Our Process

With the engagement of the Research, Teaching, and Public Service committee of the Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC), a comprehensive inventory of our sustainability related and focused courses was created.

A list of all faculty research was generated, and colleagues that were already teaching sustainability related and focused courses were identified. An email was sent to these faculty asking to confirm that their course(s) was sustainability focused or related and whether they knew of other colleagues doing this work. 

Additionally, an email was sent to all faculty at the institution, asking them to complete a survey on whether they conduct sustainability related or focused research or teach courses in these areas. 

Our final list was informed by our initial assessment, the specific responses we received from our targeted solicitation, and finally, from our broad request of all faculty. 

We look forward to refining this process in consultation with the Research, Teaching, and Public Service Committee.

Get Involved

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