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Alyssa Hubert


Alyssa is a Biomedical Engineering major and the President of Engineers for a Sustainable World.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is a way of living that promotes the natural environment so as to reverse the damages inflicted on the planet and promote the longevity of our world. We must work with the environment to maintain and repair the nature around us so as to make the world a better place to live in not only for us, but the future generations to come.

What are you doing to help UB become more sustainable?

I am currently the president of Engineers for a Sustainable world. We work on many different projects within our club to promote sustainability and also research new methods of sustainable ideas for our community. We do a lot of outreaching to teach the community what it means to be sustainable in their life as well as show them with hands on activities.

How do you involve UB’s faculty or staff in your sustainability work?

Our clubs advisor, Dr. James Jensen works with our club closely on various projects giving insight and helping to complete them. We also work with various campus groups run by faculty and staff to promote sustainability in a combined effort. 

How has sustainability impacted your academic pursuits?  

I started college wanting to be a Biomedical Engineer and work with medical devices. After being involved in ESW and other clubs on campus, I want to focus my efforts to work for a company that promotes sustainable medical supplies to reduce the waste in the medical field. I hope to stay very active in my community promoting sustainability while working as an engineer.

What is the one thing you would like people to know that you do in your personal life to further sustainability?           

Being the current president of ESW I promote sustainability on a daily basis. I have also personally reshaped my home to be a more sustainable one. I have educated my family and friends on the importance on being sustainable. I have made my own parents stop purchasing plastic water bottles and get reusable ones and explained to them that they can recycle much more than they have. In my apartment with my friends I have made recycling bins for everything and made them think before they throw things out. I try to teach people why it’s important to live this way in hopes to make an impact on our world.

How could UB improve its sustainability efforts?
UB has done a lot in the past 3 years I’ve attended, like getting more recycling bins and the solar strand. I think UB should continue its efforts to make it easier to be sustainable, as well as educate students on the importance of being sustainable. UB should add more water bottle fountains to promote reusable water bottles on campus.  Educating students on the easy things they can do to promote our natural environment is the key to making more people live sustainably.  


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