Courses in sustainability provide opportunities to students that extend beyond the classroom. Building relationships with professors and real life practitioners of sustainability will open doors to internships, jobs, or research at UB and beyond. These opportunities are what will drive our sustainable economy.

What is sustainability? It is what fuels us to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations here at UB. It is a culture of teaching that prepares our students for a world filled with change and uncertainty, getting them ready for a tomorrow without fossil fuels, but saturated with solar panels.

The Academies are living and learning communities that bring together university faculty, staff, alumni and students to focus on five broad themes: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement, Global Perspectives, and Research Exploration.

UB offers a range of sustainability courses, including curriculum that supports a sustainability related major, and courses that enhance other majors. Sustainability related courses touch nearly every single discipline at UB.

UB students are the leaders of tomorrow; their work in the area of sustainability is leading to new discoveries and real world solutions.