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South Campus residents now have a centrally located spot to satisfy those late-afternoon and evening hunger pangs with the opening of Whispers Café in Abbott Hall, home of the Health Sciences Library.
President Satish K. Tripathi and several members of the UB community have pledged to help build a culture of inclusiveness and equity in the city of Buffalo.
Groundhog day celebration
On Feb. 2, 1983, UB geology staffer Dave Borden brought two things to work: a barbecue grill and a stuffed groundhog. Borden dug a hole outside, propped up the groundhog (later to be named Ridge Lea Larry) and fired up the grill.
Gayle Hutton
Ask Gayle Hutton about the sport of cyclocross racing and she’ll tell you, “It’s a wonderful group of people getting together to encourage each other and enjoy the outdoors — no matter what the weather.”
CSE day
An enthusiastic crowd of about 500 people filled Davis Hall on Dec. 11 for a night of fun and games designed to celebrate and promote computer science.
Buffalo as a major relocation site for refugees
Global issues about refugees and migrants — and Buffalo and UB’s reputation for working well with the refugee population — were highlighted earlier this week as the city hosted a press tour of foreign journalists titled “How the City of Good Neighbors Embraces Refugees.”
Shelton Square
It was once known as the Times Square of Buffalo, a bustling place downtown bounded by landmarks such as St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and Louis Sullivan’s Guaranty Building. The nexus of four major arteries — Main, Erie, Church and Niagara streets — it long served as a hub of pedestrian, street and mass transit traffic and commercial activity.
Downtown Cleveland
UB architect and urban planner Nicholas Rajkovich is a co-investigator on a research effort to build resilience in low-income urban communities across the U.S. that are vulnerable to such climate change-related events as flooding and high heat.
Members of family-owned businesses will have the tools they need to build a successful company across multiple generations, thanks to an expanded family business curriculum from the School of Management’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL).
Kiplinger's best value
UB has been named to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s 2016 list of “Best College Values,” which considers colleges based on quality and affordability.
Vending machine on campus
It’s a scene that plays out countless times each day on campus: Hungry students make a pit stop at a vending machine for a quick snack before rushing off to their next class, job or the gym. Now, the campus community can choose products that support a healthier lifestyle and the local economy.
Buffalo public schools
For UB education professor Nathan J. Daun-Barnett, hundreds of completed student financial aid applications that might never have been successfully filed are not enough.
Gap year
More students are exploring the option of taking time to pursue other personally satisfying goals before working full-time jobs in their fields, a common life stage that has become known as the Gap Years, says Arlene F. Kaukus, director of career services.
UB Men's Hockey
Although still in its infancy, UB faculty, staff and students are finding UBThisWinter, the university’s winter session, to be a great way to spend the time between the traditional fall and spring semesters.
Mexico’s top environmental officer brings pragmatism to the politics of climate change 
Several interested parties shared thoughts on climate change Tuesday night at the Buffalo Science Museum.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news
Some 3,000 miles removed from the throng of world leaders gathered in Paris this week for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, stakeholders in Western New York will convene to discuss their own solutions and ideas. It will happen as part of the WNY Environmental Alliance’s annual Environmental Congress, and will feature two UB faculty members.
On the good days, gliding alone in a kayak along the Atlantic coastline, Deb Walters travels “at a human speed, where it is possible to feel and smell and see the coastal environment,” spending hours “with the waves and winds and birds and sea creatures.”
Six UB law students and their professor are traveling to Paris to be part of the 2015 United Nations Conference on Climate Change.
Dr. Shibley
Robert Shibley, dean of the School of Architecture and Planning, has been selected among an esteemed class of 25 top educators in architecture and design by DesignIntelligence, an international publication for design leaders.
Four representatives of the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership (ISEP) were among those who convened in Washington, D.C., last week to exchange strategies for building students’ STEM knowledge and expertise.
A new, onion-like nanoparticle could open new frontiers in biomaging, solar energy harvesting and light-based security techniques.
Hundreds of volunteers — among them UB students, faculty and staff — descended upon Buffalo’s University District on Nov. 7, saplings in hand, for the third round of ReTree the District.
Fulbright recipient
Chris Renschler, associate professor in the Department of Geography, College of Arts and Sciences, has received a prestigious Fulbright Scholar award to conduct research and lecture in Austria.
Shirley Sherrod
Civil rights leader Shirley Sherrod shared her powerful message of hope and resiliency amid overwhelming obstacles as part of a food justice event organized this week by the Food Lab in UB’s School of Architecture and Planning.
Capen rendering
Rooms for individual and group study. A traditional “Grand Reading Room” featuring rich oak woodwork and archival images of university life. High-tech classrooms. Suites for producing, editing and viewing multimedia. A café.
Can big data improve how electricity is produced, delivered and consumed in the Northeastern United States?
Civil rights movement leader and food justice advocate Shirley Sherrod will be the keynote speaker for an event happening Tuesday on Buffalo’s East Side that is designed to engage the community in a conversation about food justice.
Little Blue
Move over Big Blue, there’s a new food truck, err, book cart on campus.
Our Future
Two student programs organized by University Life and Services have won SUNY awards for outstanding student affairs programs.
grow home takes second
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – Countless hours of designing, building, fine-tuning and fundraising over the past two and a half years have paid off for the more than 200 UB students and faculty members who worked on the GRoW (Garden, Relax or Work) Home.
UB’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center) has received a fourth round of federal funding to continue its work on a wide range of universal design projects.
UB faculty, staff and students can show their support for healthy, seasonal eating by taking part in the fourth annual “Big Apple Crunch” on Oct. 23.
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — With only two days left before the overall winner is unveiled, the Solar Decathlon is really heating up — and the UB GRoW Home is in the thick of the action.
waste water
Around the world, bacteria and viruses are developing resistance to the drugs used to treat them, creating one of the greatest global health challenges of our time.
Grow Home
For the more than 200 UB students and faculty who have spent the past two years designing and building the GRoW Home, the moment has finally arrived. The Solar Decathlon is underway in Irvine, California. The U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored collegiate contest began last Thursday with opening remarks by U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and runs through Oct. 18.
State of University address
Reviewing a year highlighted by breakthroughs in research, creation of cutting-edge academic programs, national awards and a major philanthropic milestone, Satish K. Tripathi told members of the UB community, alumni and friends, “Together, we have achieved incredible things.”
child and maternal health
A leader in maternal and child health will give the keynote address in UB’s third annual “Critical Conversations,” a presidential series showcasing distinguished individuals at the forefront of their fields who are helping to shape understanding of vital issues facing the world today.
Grow Home
If you’re building a zero-energy solar home, shouldn’t the furnishings be ultra-efficient, too?
Jennifer L. Zirnheld, associate professor of electrical engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, has been named by INSIGHT into Diversity magazine as one of 100 Inspiring Women in STEM.
The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership (ISEP), a collaboration led by UB, SUNY Buffalo State College, the Buffalo Museum of Science and the Buffalo Public Schools, has been selected as one of 27 learning communities across the country to launch the STEM Ecosystems Initiative, a national project that promotes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.
Grow Home
Bright and early Wednesday morning, two flatbed tractor trailers left Buffalo, embarking upon a 2,500-mile journey across the country to Irvine, California. The trucks are each hauling a section of the 1,100-square-foot GRoW Home that UB is entering in the Solar Decathlon, a biennial event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.
UB is going for gold when it comes to being green.
Toxic flame retardants used in electronics and fabrics have been banned or removed from American and European products for nearly a decade. Yet they still surround us — in the dust we breathe and the food we eat. The chemicals are even found in the breast milk of new moms.
Arctic tundra
In the Arctic, sea ice is melting and leaving larger sections of ocean exposed to air and sun. This phenomenon could fuel increased evaporation, leading eventually to more precipitation in far-north latitudes.
Carbon from coal
Despite gains by natural gas, wind and solar, coal remains the top electricity producer in the United States.
Sustainability fair
UB’s Sustainable Living Fair — the ultimate resource for members of the UB community who want to live a greener life — will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 22 in the Student Union on the North Campus.
Solar Strand
UB has been named a finalist for a national award recognizing climate leaders in higher education.
Katrina disaster
Daniel Hess builds cities for people. So when Hess, UB associate professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, arrived in New Orleans in 2005 about two weeks after Hurricane Katrina and walked around empty streets — void of people — it was chilling.
Volcano Risk
In 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted in Washington State, killing 57 people and destroying hundreds of homes. The area around the mountain became a wasteland: Roadways were swallowed and bridges damaged. Ash fell over 11 states.
Hayes Hall
Power tools thrum and dust carpets corridors as construction progresses inside Hayes Hall, one of UB’s most iconic buildings.
Food to table
Customers are more likely to purchase food products when grocers use food traceability systems to show where and how the food was produced and shipped, according to new research from the School of Management.
Ken Kern and hearts for homeless
There isn’t a laundry basket large enough to hold all the clothing UB resident students donated to two Buffalo-based nonprofit organizations before leaving for the summer.
sidewalk on flint
Beginning this fall, pedestrians entering the North Campus using the Flint Entrance on Maple Road will find the going a bit easier — and safer — thanks to a new sidewalk.
The arrival last week of the 250-foot-high tower crane at Main and High streets in downtown Buffalo marks a new milestone in constructing the future home of the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.
Joan Linder artist
Wielding a pen, a Geiger counter and her artistic sense of curiosity, Joan Linder is documenting a haunting legacy.
GRoW home outside
How do you move a 40,000-pound house?
They’ve proven to be a hit on Buffalo’s burgeoning waterfront, providing a spot for visitors at Canalside to sit and watch the world go by.
About 15 years ago, UB chemistry professor Joseph Gardella and his wife sent their daughter, Claire, who is physically disabled and cannot speak, to a summer camp at Cradle Beach in Angola.
Sustainability may be one of those “squishy/mushy” buzz words too vague to be of much use. But the principle behind it demands citizens come to grips with the grave problems it was created to solve.
our UB employees executed a dramatic rescue near the Student Union on the North Campus on Monday, saving the lives of six baby ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain.
Using more than a decade’s worth of daily satellite images, researchers have determined ecosystems of South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region bounce back from wildfires much more quickly in warmer winter weather.
food department
In the United States, hunger and obesity go hand in hand. More than 17 million US households struggle to put food on the table, and when they do, it’s often high in fat and sugar because healthy options are scarce in low-income neighborhoods.
endangered species
Using a case study approach to investigate protection of endangered species, a UB Law School faculty member has found significant gaps in how public agencies keep track of endangered species agreements. The finding by Jessica Owley, associate professor, demonstrates key concerns with monitoring and enforcement of endangered species permits.
lake lasalle
With its Greek-style amphitheater at Baird Point, Lake LaSalle has long served as the iconic image of UB’s North Campus. Built in 1970 to provide flood control and water runoff, the 60-acre lake for years was more popular with flocks of Canada geese than with boaters and other recreational users.
UB is investing $25 million in an initiative that will harness the strengths of faculty from disciplines across the university to confront grand challenges facing humankind.
On a sunny, yet chilly day before Memorial Day weekend, the small red flags marking freshly planted sprouts wave in the wind. An empty watering can rests next to the fence.
BikeShare at the Strand
Say you work in Crofts Hall and have a meeting on the Spine. You could get into your car, head toward Capen and drive around looking for a parking place. Or you could take the Green Line shuttle to Flint Loop.
The mostly abandoned grain elevators of Silo City are an integral part of a presentation of new experimental music and sound art taking place next weekend sponsored by UB’s Center for 21st Century Music and organized by a UB graduate student.
Potential next areas of focus for RENEW were proposed and debated during a two-day faculty workshop held May 18 and 19 in the Student Union Theater.
Receiving the EPA Award

UB’s commitment to solving pressing environmental issues, educating students about these challenges and operating eco-friendly campuses has been recognized by the EPA.

Keynote speaker

New York State’s chief digital officer told a UB audience last week that culture change and education are critical to increasing the numbers of women in STEM-related careers.

ReTree the district

About 250 UB students planted trees in South Campus neighborhoods last Saturday as part of the “ReTree the District” project.

Student at the Solar Strand

UB unveiled a new app for its Solar Strand as part of its celebration of Earth Day.

Student presentation

UB students, faculty and administrators recognized the outstanding scholarly, research and creative achievements of students at the annual Celebration of Student Academic Excellence.

Earth Day on calendar

UB's first annual Sustainability Summit will introduce a new, university-wide approach to creating a more sustainable campus and world.

Algae bloom

Toxic algae outbreaks are wreaking havoc on Lake Erie, sending scientists searching for a fix.

Kapoor Hall

Kapoor Hall, home to the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, has earned a coveted gold rating for green design.

Anton and Joey use tape to reinforce the axle on their car.

Third-graders learn about engineering and the engineering-design process during an after-school club sponsored by UB.

Students in the Dominican Republic

Some UB students will be bucking the stereotype by helping others during their upcoming spring recess.

Buffalo Cafe

Two UB architects are prompting us to rethink how we heat — and use — the space we occupy in winter.


Eight communities across the country will receive training and assistance to link family farmers and local residents who lack access to healthy food, thanks to a project spearheaded by UB and partners.


Levine, a longtime UB faculty member, died of cancer Feb. 26 in her Buffalo home.


UB researchers turn to Newton's Laws of Motion to predict chimp behavior.

Man in snowstorm

UB psychologist Mark Seery says enduring negative events like this winter's brutal weather fosters adaptability and resilience.


UB psychologists say the match between quality of early family experiences and self-esteem contributes to how clearly and confidently people view themselves and their place in the world.

Grow House

UB students and faculty have started construction on the GRoW Home, a 1,108-square-foot, solar-powered house that produces twice the energy it consumes.

Broken Iphone

A UB professor, Sara Behdad, and industry partner, PC Rebuilders and Recyclers, received a $280,000 National Science Foundation grant to examine issues which contribute to e-waste. 

UB Student

The Princeton Review has rated the University at Buffalo as one of the nation’s best colleges and universities for high-quality degree programs, affordability and career prospects.

Solar City Buffalo project

A group of Buffalo Public Schools students are responsible for the award-winning idea that claimed a regional prize as the “Most Inspiring Essay” in the 2014 Future City Competition.

Members of the Geology Department on Groundhog Day

Harsh winter weather couldn’t stop UB geologists from holding their annual Groundhog Day cookout.


“Innovation Nation,” a new CBS show, came to campus to interview Professor James Jensen and his students, including Deshawn Henry, about their water lens project.

Community Congress

Celebrate the work of thousands of citizens and hundreds of organizations to create a more sustainable Buffalo Niagara at One Region Forward’s Community Congress.

Students painting a mural

Inspired by the School of Architecture and Planning’s close engagement with the city of Buffalo, students from UB’s Alpha Rho Chi architecture fraternity created a mural of the city in Crosby Hall.

Solar Strand

UB's Solar Strand is featured on the Wall Street Journal’s list of “Best Architecture of 2014.”

Engineering students in Slee Hall with handmade wind turbines

More than 450 freshman engineering students presented their wind energy projects as part of the final awards ceremony for the "Engineering Principles" class.

solar strand pic

UB was named among the 50 most “green” universities in the United States by Online Schools Center, a website that features higher education news.

Solar Strand

UB has been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools as one of the 2014 “Best of Green Schools.”


A new study led by geophysicist Beata Csatho, UB associate professor of geology, provides what the authors think is the first comprehensive picture of how Greenland’s ice is vanishing.


Five UB Honors College students worked with UB Sustainability to help the Western New York Environmental Alliance and its roughly 100 member groups become a more inclusive organization.