Dwelling on waste

Published June 19, 2013

It challenges political bodies by acting as a form of protest to current housing policies: demolition as a remedy to urban decay.
Dwelling on Waste

Last year two University at Buffalo students, Matthieu Bain and Andrew Perkins, purchased a house for $800, moved in, and lived there for a year while fixing it as best they could with only the city's discards and forgotten items. They recorded their experience in their blog Dwelling on Waste.

By cannibalizing the material and spatial remains of the post-industrial city, a new idea of domesticity is born. The survivalist architecture must address utilities (water, heat), security, varying climatic conditions, food storage, and mental comfort, always adapting itself according to what it has on hand. This method of design and the restriction of material palette remove the extraneous from the work. It addresses economy and sustainability through adaptive reuse of material and space.