Best College Rankings: Teaching Sustainability

Sustainability concerns everyone, and institutions of higher education have a unique opportunity to prepare the next generation for the environmental difficulties ahead. Students who learn sustainable principles and bring their knowledge to their communities will be vital to the vast societal transformation that will need to occur in the coming decades to enable humanity to continue to thrive on Earth. The colleges in this collection not only do a great job of teaching their students sustainable practices, they also work in their communities, and spread information via the web through their sustainability-focused websites. These institutions deserve credit for the work they already do, and encouragement to continue deepening their commitment to sustainability.

Top 20 Northeast Schools:

1. Boston University

Sustainability@BU is Boston University’s impressive program that focuses on seven areas regarding energy conservation, climate planning, communications, food, among others. They’ve been awarded for reducing greenhouse gasses ahead of schedule and are continuously doing more work to stay established as leaders.

Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainableBU

2. American University

American University’s Office of Sustainability works throughout Washington D.C. to live the values they champion regarding sustainability. The school is currently in the midst of an overhaul that will see the university sourcing 50% of their electricity from solar sources.

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3. Bucknell University

Bucknell University is sure to illustrate exactly how they’re contributing to creating a sustainable campus and also provides great links regarding campus greening. Additionally, in 2007, the environmental center overhauled a plants garden to increase students’ access to increasing the amount of green on campus.

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4. St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University’s Sustainability Semester encourages students to tackle complex environmental issues by living in a house and working on converting the building and grounds into a structure no longer dependent on fossil fuels, while also taking other measure to work towards sustainability. Additionally, they send students to Boston for two weeks to further learn about urban sustainability.

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5. Gateway Community College

GateWay Community College is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and works on an impressive number of sustainability measures. From paper and plastic recycling to a reflective roof coating to improve building temperatures, they’re active in the pursuit for a more sustainable campus.

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6. Allegheny College

Alleghany College has developed distinguished sustainability initiatives and continue to push forward on the different ways they’re improving the campus. The school recently completed an innovative green roof on their center for communication arts and encourages students to get more involved on these measures.

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7. Bard College

Bard College’s Office of Sustainability shows how the college is working to improve sustainability measures while also providing their current RecycleMania ranking. This ensures Bard is as transparent as possible regarding sustainability and leads by example.

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8. St. Mary’s College of Maryland

St. Mary’s College of Maryland uses an informative news section to detail all the different measures taken to innovate regarding sustainability. The university has also been recognized as a sustainability leader by the Maryland Green Registry.

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9. Pennsylvania State University

The sustainability page from Penn State features some of the most comprehensive content on the list by starting with a user-friendly interface that routes users to “learn”, “live”, and “lead” sections. Through this innovative layout, they’re able to best illustrate the numerous sustainability courses at the university, along with countless outreach programs and useful information detailing how to get further involved.

Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainPSU

10. Cornell University

Cornell University’s Sustainable Campus page articulates the ways they’re engaging in a wealth sustainable practices campus-wide, featuring 1 Platinum and 8 Gold LEED buildings. They’re active in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and since 2008, they’ve decreased emissions levels by 32%. Not only do they work on an impressive number of sustainable initiatives, but they also host great events and training courses designed to invigorate communities.

Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainCornell

11. University at Buffalo

University of Buffalo Sustainability shows how comprehensive they’ve become regarding building a culture locally over the last 30 years. The site is dense with useful tools and information while still emphasizing that the best way to come up with lasting solutions is through important research.

Follow Their Twitter Account: @UBGreen

12. Dickinson College

Sustainable Dickinson understands that their mission isn’t merely about the environment- they’re committed to endorsing sustainability practices that result in benefits socially, financially, and of course, environmentally. The page also shows how energy conservation competitions between dormitories have been able to yield impressive results.

Follow Their Twitter Account: @CSE_Dickinson

13. Syracuse University

Syracuse University remains steadfast in their commitment to sustainability by hosting workshops, installing a climate change garden, and working a number of research projects aimed at ensuring the cleanest environment possible. The sustainability page showcases the impressive number of initiatives the university has implemented, including energy consumption, recycling, transportation, and more.

Follow Their Twitter Account: @SustainableSU

14. Luther College

Sustainability at Luther College shows a refined vision from a school committed to implementing sustainable practices now that will reap benefits in the long and short-term. Their page includes useful tips on have to live more sustainably, along with a wealth of other useful information.

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15. Tufts University

The Office of Sustainability at Tufts University details university-wide programs, along with information on eco-ambassadors, eco-representatives, and much more. With separate programs for students and faculty, they’re able to best address sustainability.

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16. Williams College

Williams College makes it easier to understand the work being done regarding sustainability by emphasizing transparency across campus. Their “Track Our Energy Use” page allows users to see how each building specifically is consuming power.

17. Colby College

Colby College has a great sustainability page that also encourages alumni to be active in making the school better for the long-term. Lush with events and intent on fostering a great culture, the school has been a huge part in making sustainability a much more enticing endeavor.

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18. University of Vermont

The University of Vermont understands that everyone is affected by climate change. With this in mind, they take an approach to sustainability that encourages students of all majors to get involved. From ridding campus of unnecessary bottled water to encouraging students to contribute worthwhile ideas, the university is active in reshaping sustainability culture.

Follow Their Twitter Account: @sustainableuvm

19. Bates College

Bates College Sustainability has numbers to support the important work they’re doing, namely recycling more than 80% of dining waste and maintaining a commitment to buy food local when possible. They’re working to get students to do more to enact change around campus and around the world after being finished at Bates.

20. New York University

New York University features a colorful sustainability page that shows how their programs like bike sharing, grants, and reducing waste have been successful. Their bike share features over 2,500 members, which shows the impressive number of students committed to bettering their campus and community overall.

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