Bikeshare at UB

Social Bicycle

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UB is pleased to offer an innovative bike share program to students, faculty, and staff. Join today--it's just $15 for an annual membership!

Bikeshare at UB, powered by Social Bicycles, offers a GPS-enabled bike that you can locate and borrow using your computer. Use it to get around and between UB's campuses. 


How It Works


It's simple! Just find and unlock a bike online or by entering your account information directly into the keypad on the lockbox of the bike.

Once the correct pincode is entered, the lock is disengaged and the bike is ready to be used!

When you are finished riding, slide the u-bar into the lock, and the bike notifies the system that your ride is over and the bike is available to others!

North Campus Hub Locations

north campus sobi

South Campus Hub Locations

north campus sobi

Bikeshare at UB fees


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Bike Talk

Bikeshare at UB is a fun and convenient was to navigate campus and reach nearby amenities. Each week we will feature a Bikeshare at UB user who is using the program at UB.

If you have questions about registering for Bikeshare at UB or reserving a bike, contact Buffalo Bikeshare at 716.407.7474 or