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UB is pleased to offer an innovative bike share program to students, faculty, and staff. Join today--a UB Pass is just $10 per year and you can ride for $2 an hour.

UB Bikeshare, powered by Social Bicycles, offers a GPS-enabled bike that you can locate and borrow using your computer. Use it to get around and between UB's campuses.

How it Works

Sign Up

Download the SoBi app on your mobile device or on the web at app.socialbicycles.com, and choose your pass to get started. You can also visit http://gotchabike.com/ubuffalo. Ensure that your phone's GPS is enabled to find bikes available nearby.


Use the app to reserve a bike or simply walk up to one and enter your account number on the bike's keypad.  When prompted, enter your 4-digit PIN to release the lock and start your ride.  Remember to ride safely and obey all traffic laws.


The hold feature allows you to make multiple stops during your ride without a parking fee.  Press the "hold" button and lock the bike to a rack.  Just enter your 4-digit PIN to unlock and continue riding.


When you reach your destination, lock the bike and check the keypad to ensure your trip has ended.  Scroll down to see a map of parking locations around the city and visit our pricing page to learn more about parking fees.

North Campus Hub Locations

north campus sobi.

South Campus Hub Locations

north campus sobi.

UB Bikeshare fees

  • $2 fee to park your bike outside a free parking zone, but within the system area.
  • $50 fee will be charged for ending your trip outside of the system area.  Use the "hold" feature if you are making stops outside of this boundary before ending your trip.
  • Only one bike may be reserved and/or checked out at a one time.
  • Use your app to view the system area and free parking zones.

Bike Talk

UB Bikeshare is a fun and convenient was to navigate campus and reach nearby amenities, but don't take our word for it here's what members have to say!

If you have questions about registering for UB Bikeshare or reserving a bike, contact ReddyBikeshare at 716.407.7474 or info@ReddyBikeshare.com