On Campus Engagement

UB Sustainability partners with many on campus resources to provide a holistic approach to learning about building a sustainable world. 

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Blackstone LaunchPad


Blackstone LaunchPad at the University at Buffalo is a hub for entrepreneurship at UB, a destination for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to come together in the spirit of innovation. They offer many programs and engagement opportunities for students, alumni, faculty and staff to develop their skills and ideas as they become integral contributors to the larger WNY entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurship is an important component to sustainability. Communities need to be economically resilient. Blackstone LaunchPad provides students with the tools they need to bring their innovative spirit to life. 

Intercultural and Diversity Center


The Intercultural and Diversity Center (IDC) is committed to supporting all students on campus. They create a strong sense of belonging by celebrating our differences as proudly as we celebrate our commonalities. By focusing on personal identity, advocacy and other critical issues that are facing society today, the IDC helps students broaden their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of our ever-changing world.

The inequalities that are found among people today weaken the social and environmental bonds in a community. Climate change will also impact marginalized communities severely. Embracing diversity, and how to build bridges across cultures is a crucial part to a sustainable mindset. 

Student Engagement


The Student Engagement office works to develop student understanding and appreciation of self, others and community by inspiring students to explore a life of purpose and active citizenship. Through their programs, services and the process of leadership development, students cultivate a personal philosophy to make a positive change within a group, community or global society.

Service to our Western New York community is a powerful tool to get first hand experience with sustainability. Student Engagement provides connections to students to make an impact on our region. 

SLICE Awards


The University at Buffalo wishes to recognize outstanding individuals and departments who exhibit a sincere commitment to transforming our campuses into a holistically sustainable community through the kinds of leadership, innovation, and collaboration that demonstrates environmental stewardship, enhances social progress, or promotes responsible economic systems and growth.