UB Curriculum.

Global Pathway - International Experience Track

The International Experience track is an exciting opportunity to complete coursework anywhere in the world and make it part of your UB Curriculum. Students can choose to take courses that would not otherwise be available at UB, improve their language skills, gain a new perspective in their field of study and expand their global awareness through studying abroad. The content here is meant to assist students in navigating the International Experience Track within the Global Pathway of the UB Curriculum. 

As with all other Pathway tracks, students must complete at least three, 3-credit classes, for a minimum of 9 credits. Two of the three courses chosen for the Global Pathway must cover two different UB Areas not satisfied by the Thematic Pathway.

A study abroad experience (short-term or semester) can be combined with Global Reflections and/or Language and Culture classes at UB to complete the Global Pathway.



Courses taken during a study abroad program (short-term and/or semester) can also fulfill other areas of the UB Curriculum outside of the Pathways. It is important to discuss your plan to study abroad with an academic advisor and a study abroad advisor early so we can help you make the most of your time abroad!


All Five UB Areas for the Global Pathway.

Here are some examples of how study abroad can fit into the Global Pathway:

UB-Approved Study Abroad Programs

Students looking to fulfill the International Experience track must complete a UB-approved study abroad program. That includes programs administered by UB as well as all programs administered by the SUNY consortium. There are hundreds of study abroad programs available throughout the SUNY system and programs vary in length and destination.

Advisors in the Study Abroad Office are ready to help you navigate these options. By completing the Thematic Pathway component of the Path Finder tool, you should have a clear understanding of which remaining UB Areas you need to fulfill through the International Experience track. Study abroad advisors will use this information to assist with your selection of a study abroad experience which could range from 3 to 15 or more credits. 

UB Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Summer 2021

Programs Arts Civilization & History Humanities Languages Social Sciences

Ireland: Plays and Places



Singapore: Asian Business & The Global Economy


  X     X

South Africa & Rwanda: Political History & Contemporary Culture


  X X    

Winter 2022

Program Arts Civilization & History Humanities Languages Social Sciences

Italy: UB Classics in the Mediterranean


X X X    

Jamaica: Behavior Driven Disease: A Global Epidemic


United Kingdom: Culture and Performance Appreciation in London X        

United Kingdom: Sociology of Food in London



Spring 2022

Programs Arts Civilization & History Humanities Languages Social Sciences

United Kingdom: UB Semester in London



UB Partner Study Abroad Programs

The following partner programs have courses taught in English that could potentially fulfill the relevant UB Areas to be met in the Global Pathway (Arts, Civilization and History, Humanities, Languages, Social Sciences). Consult the How to Apply page to learn more about selecting and applying to a study abroad program.