Returning Students

As you prepare to return to the United States after completing a study abroad program, there are a number of things to keep in mind.


Kim Trieu enjoying the south east coast of Australia.


UB Students Who Participated on UB Programs:

Once the Office of Study Abroad Programs receives your official transcripts from our overseas partner or final grades from your Program Director on a faculty-led program, we will prepare a document called a Transcript Supplement. The Transcript Supplement will include an itemized list of the classes taken, credits earned, and letter grades assigned for each course. This document will be sent by our office to the Office of the Registrar for further processing. Once processed, your coursework, credits, and letter grades will appear in your HUB account and on your official UB transcript.

UB Students Who Participated on Other-SUNY Programs:

At the completion of your program, the administering SUNY campus will send your Transcript Supplement to our office. The Transcript Supplement will include an itemized list of the classes taken, credits earned, and letter grades assigned for each course. This document will be sent by our office to the UB Registrar for further processing. Once processed, this coursework will appear on your transfer credit report in your HUB account and on your official UB transcript as a lump sum of credits with Pass/Fail grading. We encourage you to share your Transcript Supplement with your Academic Advisor and/or Academic Department, so that they can notate the requirements you’ve fulfilled through your Other-SUNY experience in your Academic Advising Report.

Register for Classes

Your registration window to register for classes following your semester/term abroad will likely be while you are still abroad. Be sure to communicate with your Academic Advisor/Department to better understand the courses for which you should be registering.


If you are seeking on-campus housing when you return to UB, please be sure that you apply for on-campus housing through UB Campus Living. Be aware of application and housing deposit deadlines.

UB Curriculum

If you have taken courses abroad that you expect will count for UB Areas in the Thematic and/or Global Pathway, you must complete a UB Curriculum Pathways Worksheet. Once completed, please submit this form to the UB Curriculum Office via email at For assistance, you may visit the UB Curriculum Office website or contact the Office of Study Abroad Programs. 

Get Involved

Volunteer with the Office of Study Abroad Programs

Please consider volunteering for our office when you return to UB! We encourage UB Study Abroad Alumni to share their experiences with prospective UB study abroad participants through numerous outreach efforts including: Study Abroad Fair, Photo Contest, classroom presentations, Residence Hall programming, Admissions events, Pre-Departure Orientation for outbound study abroad students, etc. If you have creative ideas for programming/outreach, please feel free to contact us at

Participate in the International Student Mentoring Program (ISMP)

A joint initiative of International Student Services (ISS) and UB’s Counseling Services, the International Student Mentoring Program provides social support for newly arrived international students and reduces their isolation. It also provides an avenue for international students to socialize with individuals outside their cultural group and to learn from students who have experience adapting to the U.S. and UB. ISS is looking for people who:

  • Have an interest in learning about other cultures
  • Have a strong desire to help others
  • Are interested in showing people around UB and Buffalo
  • Are interested in sharing their home culture
  • Are undergraduates (junior or senior year), graduate students, UB staff members, or retired UB staff members

If you are interested, complete the application available on the ISMP website. For any questions, please contact Caitlin Rioux at

Attend International Tea Time

Do you want to make friends with U.S. and international students? Do you enjoy diversity, friendship, and savoring international snacks and tea? If so, please attend International Tea Time to get to know students from other cultures in a friendly, comfortable setting. This weekly meeting brings together American and international students for conversation, food, and fun. No registration necessary, just come when you can!

Become an ELI Chat Room Partner

The ELI (English Language Institute) Chat Room is a conversation partner program for students wishing to practice conversational English with native speakers. By becoming a Chat Room partner, you will be able to help our international students not only with their conversational English skills but also with their cultural, academic and personal adjustment to UB. Sessions are available late in the afternoon during the fall and spring semesters. Please visit the ELI website to learn more about the program and how to apply.


Join the International Council of the UB Student Association

The International Council consists of a wide array of diverse clubs celebrating the cultures and nationalities across the globe. Students are given the opportunity to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and traditions, in addition to celebrate these experiences first hand. Through dance, music, food, art, language, and so much more, the International clubs facilitate a welcoming environment for all students. The International Council organizes annual events such as International Fiesta, International Soccer Tournament, and International Iron Chef, which showcases the pride and heritage of the clubs and their traditions.