New Website: Using the Student Life Gateway

Published March 13, 2017

The new Student Life Gateway website is your one-stop online source for information related to life outside the classroom. Here, you’ll find helpful guides for getting started at UB, details about life at UB and opportunities to get involved — as well as a dedicated “Get Help” section with quick links and answers just for you. Featured sections on the Student Life Gateway include:

Welcome to the University at Buffalo. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to get started.
Here, you’ll find nearly everything you need for life outside of the classroom — from convenient housing and award-winning dining, to on-campus health care and wellness resources.
Do what you love. Try something new. Build your resume. Make lifelong friends. Here, you get to choose the opportunities that will change your life.
You can solve many problems and issues yourself, using the resources on this site and throughout UB. And if you still need assistance, there’s always someone who can help you.

Find a Student Life Department

The Student Life Gateway replaces a number of older, department-specific websites that will no longer be available. However, you can still find the information you need from each department through the new Student Life Gateway. Simply select a department to get started.