Campus Cash Changes

Published July 5, 2017

Effective July 1, 2017 the option to charge Campus Cash to your student account will no longer be available. Campus Cash may still be applied to your UB Card, however must be pre-paid. A new UB Card option to assist in the purchase of academic books and supplies at the University Bookstore will be available for financial aid recipients who have an anticipated credit on their student account for the current term.

Beginning August 14, 2017 to purchase academic books and supplies at the University Bookstore when anticipated financial aid credit exceeds $100.00:

  • An Academic Books and Supplies item will be added to students' To-Do List in the HUB Student Center for those with an anticipated financial aid credit exceeding $100.00. Visit UB Card Services in 1Capen to add anticipated financial aid credit to your UB Card. The transaction will be reflected on your student account as Academic Books and Supplies.
  • Visit the University Bookstore to purchase academic books and supplies. At checkout present your UB Card to the cashier and indicate you would like to use your Academic Books and Supplies account for the purchase.


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