Find Your Home

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At UB, you can choose to live on-campus or off-campus. Many students choose on-campus housing for the convenience, safety and community. For students who want to live off-campus, we offer an interactive directory of inspected apartments, help for dealing with landlords, and resources to help you be a good neighbor.

What are my options?

Living on campus provides ways to meet new people, make friends, succeed academically and receive social support. Here are just a few reasons to live on campus.
An off-campus apartment can be an amazing new home — but it could also be more complex than you think. Review the information below to make the right decisions.

Compare Your Options

  On-Campus Residence Halls and Apartments Off-Campus Housing
Walk or take a free shuttle anywhere you need to go Yes No
Patrolled by University Police Yes No
Rates include electricity, cable TV, internet and free laundry Yes Not necessarily
Warm, welcoming student community Yes Not necessarily
Access to quiet areas, free tutoring, group study rooms and Academic Success Centers Yes No
Close to student clubs, activities and events Yes No
Staffed by full-time, caring professionals
Yes Not necessarily