Diversity Advocates

Are you interested in promoting diversity on campus as an undergraduate peer educator? Then consider applying for this one-year internship, which gives you the opportunity to work closely with the Intercultural and Diversity Center (IDC) while earning academic credit.


As a Diversity Advocate, you will help the IDC:

  • Promote diversity, advocacy and social justice on campus and in the community
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of diversity-related issues
  • Create dialogue that explores the definition and perception of diversity
  • Build a University community


  1. Must be able to commit for a full year
  2. Believe in the power of cultural programming to build bridges towards understanding
  3. Must be able for training the week prior to the start of classes

Academic Credit

As a Diversity Advocate, you’ll be able to receive up to three credits each semester (fall and spring) for your experience and work.


Online applications will typically be available in March and due in April. To apply and to view more details, please visit UBLinked.

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