Metrology & Surface Science

Profilometer - KLA-Tencor Alpha-Step IQ

The KLA-Tencor Alpha-Step IQ Surface Profilometer is a mechanical, stylus-based step profiler offering a complete suite of 2-D analysis features for surface topography analysis.


• Precise determination and analysis of thin step heights, surface micro roughness, micro waviness, and overall form error on thin film coatings
• Maximum sample size: 158 mm diameter
• Maximum sample thickness: 21 mm
• Maximum profile length: 10 mm in the right direction, 2 mm in the left direction
• Maximum step height: 2 mm or 2000 µm (for stepping down conditions only)
• Scan speed: 2 µm/s to 200 µm/s
• Optical magnification: 70 x – 210 x (standard)
• Horizontal resolution: 0.01 µm (100 Å) at 2 µm/s scan speed
• Vertical range and resolution:
• At 20 µm range: ± 10 µm at 0.0119 Å vertical resolution
• At 400 µm range: ± 200 µm at 0.238 Å vertical resolution
• At 2000 µm range: ± 1000 µm at 1.19 Å vertical resolution


Electrical Engineering Cleanroom
Davis Hall, Suite 114
University at Buffalo North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260


Usage Fee: $25/hour (academic), $100/hour (industry)

Profilometer - KLA-Tencor Alpha-Step IQ.

Profilometer - KLA-Tencor Alpha-Step IQ

For general inquiries, contact:

Donald J. Goralski
Director, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories
(716) 645-5151

For technical inquiries, contact:
David Eason, PhD
Assistant Professor of Research
Department of Electrical Engineering and Materials Design and Innovation
Technical Director, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories (SIL)
114A Davis Hall