Etcher - Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE) - Samco RIE-1C

The Samco RIE-1C Reactive Ion Etcher enables dry chemical etching of semiconductor or microelectronic devices and substrates.


• 300W RF RIE power supply
• Top load chamber for samples up to 4"
• Manual gas flow
• Process Gases: CF4 and O2


Electrical Engineering Cleanroom
Davis Hall, Suite 114
University at Buffalo North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260


Usage Fee: $25/hour (academic), $100/hour (industry)

Etcher - Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE) - Samco RIE-1C

For general inquiries, contact:

Donald J. Goralski

Director, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories

(716) 645-5151


For technical inquiries, contact:

David Eason, PhD

Technical Director, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories

(716) 645-8496