Romanell Lectures on Medical Ethics and Philosophy

For over two decades, the Center has hosted the Romanell Lectures on Medical Ethics and Philosophy.

Recent Lectures

David Essi, “Comparative Effectiveness Research: Case studies in Germany & the United States” February, 2017

Archive Listing of Lectures on Medical Ethics and Philosophy

  • Sean Philpott, PhD, Union Graduate Program in Bioethics. "Gonorrhea, Guatemala and Gung-Ho Researchers: The Scandalous History of Research Ethics." 10/17/11.
  • Miriam Shuchman, MD, University of Toronto: "Doing research on a vulnerable population: the case of psychotic individuals." 04/16/12
  • Ana Iltis, PhD, Wake Forest: "'Research ethics consultation in a clinical and translational science setting."​ 06/18/12.
  • Jim Lavery, MSc, PhD, Univ Toronto, "Re-thinking the ethical foundations of community engagement in research"​ 03/19/13
  • D. Alan Shewmon, MD, UCLA, "Vegetative State: Clinical and Ethical Update" 08/20/13
  • Miriam Shuchman, MD, UB, U Toronto, "Research Collaborations Between High- and Low-income Countries -- equity, ethics, and Ebola research"  10/21/14
  • Lisa Lehman, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School, "High Value Care and the Physician-Patient Relationship" 11/18/14
  • James DuBois, DSc PhD, Washington Univ St. Louis, "Responding to Wrongdoing in Research" 5/19/15
  • Timothy Quill, MD, Univ of Rochester, "Last Resort Options for Intractable Suffering: What is possible in New York now and in the future?" 12/15/15
  • David Koepsell, JD, PhD, Mexico Comisión Nacional de Bioética, "The Blockchain and Personal Genomics: tracking rights and responsibilities securely" 9/20/16
  • Miriam Shuchman, MD, University of Toronto, "Narrative & Ethics: The Story of Ebola Treatment for Sierra Leone's Doctors" 11/15/16