Romanell Lectures on Medical Ethics and Philosophy

For over two decades, the Center has hosted the Romanell Lectures on Medical Ethics and Philosophy.

Spring 2018

All Lectures: Third Tuesday
Noon, CTRC, Room 5019,
UB Downtown Campus

January 16, 2018
Stephen Kershnar, "On what basis should medical schools admit students?"

​February 20, 2018
Harvey Berman

March 20, 2018
Phil Reed, “Opioids and Double Effect at the End of Life”

April 17, 2018
Peter Koch

May 15, 2018

June 19, 2018

Recent Lectures

November 21, 2017
David Limbaugh, "The Harm of Disorder as Harm in the Damage Sense"

December 19, 2017
Tim Madigan, "Patrick Romanell: Pioneer in Medical Ethics”

Archive Listing of Lectures on Medical Ethics and Philosophy

  • David Essi, “Comparative Effectiveness Research: Case studies in Germany & the United States” February, 2017.
  • Sean Philpott, PhD, Union Graduate Program in Bioethics. "Gonorrhea, Guatemala and Gung-Ho Researchers: The Scandalous History of Research Ethics." 10/17/11.
  • Miriam Shuchman, MD, University of Toronto: "Doing research on a vulnerable population: the case of psychotic individuals." 04/16/12
  • Ana Iltis, PhD, Wake Forest: "'Research ethics consultation in a clinical and translational science setting."​ 06/18/12.
  • Jim Lavery, MSc, PhD, Univ Toronto, "Re-thinking the ethical foundations of community engagement in research"​ 03/19/13
  • D. Alan Shewmon, MD, UCLA, "Vegetative State: Clinical and Ethical Update" 08/20/13
  • Miriam Shuchman, MD, UB, U Toronto, "Research Collaborations Between High- and Low-income Countries -- equity, ethics, and Ebola research"  10/21/14
  • Lisa Lehman, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School, "High Value Care and the Physician-Patient Relationship" 11/18/14
  • James DuBois, DSc PhD, Washington Univ St. Louis, "Responding to Wrongdoing in Research" 5/19/15
  • Timothy Quill, MD, Univ of Rochester, "Last Resort Options for Intractable Suffering: What is possible in New York now and in the future?" 12/15/15
  • David Koepsell, JD, PhD, Mexico Comisión Nacional de Bioética, "The Blockchain and Personal Genomics: tracking rights and responsibilities securely" 9/20/16
  • Miriam Shuchman, MD, University of Toronto, "Narrative & Ethics: The Story of Ebola Treatment for Sierra Leone's Doctors" 11/15/16