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What is the Next Step?


What is the Next Step?

Naltrexone* was approved by the FDA to treat Alcohol Use Disorder in 1994.  Naltrexone helps to reduce craving for and pleasurable effects from alcohol. During participation in The Next Step, you will be treated with a 90-day course of daily oral tablet Naltrexone to support long-term sobriety. You will receive monthly monitoring of Naltrexone with The Next Step medical team (medical doctor, pharmacist, and nurse practitioner).

*the medication Naltrexone should not be confused with the medication Antabuse© (disulfiram).  Unlike Disulfiram, Naltrexone does NOT make you sick if you drink.  Naltrexone may reduce alcohol’s effects and any feelings of pleasure from drinking.

What is the Next Step Counseling?

Next Step Counseling is an empirically-validated counseling program to support abstinence.  You will receive ten 60-minute weekly sessions, delivered by addictions counseling staff in the fields of psychology and social work.  These sessions will focus on behavioral abstinence skills and an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and other mutual help support groups.

What is the Next Step research?

As part of the Next Step alcohol treatment and research program, you will be asked to participate in three research appointments – one before you begin treatment, one just after treatment is completed, and one eight weeks later.  These 90-minute sessions will include interviews and questionnaires on your use of alcohol and other substances, your thoughts and feelings about your progress, and your use and satisfaction of your treatment experience at The Next Step.

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