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Neil B. McGillicuddy, PhD

Neil B. McGillicuddy, PhD

Senior Research Scientist


Research Scientist, Family Medicine

Contact Information

1021 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14203-1016
Phone: (716) 887-2504

Primary Research Areas

Parental interventions for families with an adolescent substance abuser; interventions for partners of addicted persons; adolescent drug and alcohol use; treatment for adolescent alcohol and drug abusers.

Rychtarik | Danaher | McGillicuddy | Barrick
Researchers will continue to develop and assess a web-based program to help women learn essential coping skills for living with a partner who has an alcohol abuse disorder.
Barrick | McGillicuddy
This project proposed to develop a telephone-based, role-playing tool to assess the clinical skills practitioners learn in a variety of training settings.
Rychtarik | McGillicuddy | Barrick
This project is developing a Web-based coping skills training program to help reduce the psychological distress experienced by women living with an alcoholic partner.
Rychtarik | McGillicuddy
Researchers evaluated different group-based interventions to reduce the physical, psychological and relationship stress felt by women with alcoholic partners.