Women Bar Drinkers: Exploring Risks for HIV

Parks | Collins | Buddie

This study added to knowledge about the role of alcohol in increased risk for heterosexual HIV transmission among women. Dr. Kathleen Parks and colleagues assessed the relationships among alcohol use, social context, and risky sexual behavior on women bar drinkers risks for HIV. Both unprotected sexual behaviors and sexual assault were viewed as risky sexual behaviors for HIV. The sample consisted of 287 women between the ages of 18 and 30 years of age who were sexually active and reported drinking in bars at least weekly. Dr. Parks’ colleagues include Dr. R. Lorraine Collins, UB School of Public Health and Health Professions, and Dr. Amy Buddie, Department of Psychology, Kennesaw State University, Georgia. Funded by a grant of $1,256,000 from NIAAA, 2003-2008.