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Developing and Improving Addiction Treatment

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Photo credit: Joe Houghton. Some rights reserved.

RIA is at the forefront of testing and refining new treatment options for providers who deliver real-world intervention to patients experiencing alcohol and drug-related problems.

Clinical psychologists and others who have expanded their work to encompass training and intervention are studying addictive behaviors and developing treatments for clinicians to implement with patients fighting addictions.

Current treatment research underway at RIA includes:

Connors | Maisto | Dearing | Lucke
The working relationship between the patient and therapist during treatment for an alcohol use disorder will be studied to examine its influence on treatment effectiveness and post-treatment functioning. 
Leonard | Collins
This grant funds a postdoctoral training program for scientists planning a career in addictions research.
Stasiewicz | Bradizza | Lucke
This five-year study will research how an individual’s change in alcohol use prior to beginning treatment predicts success during and after a treatment program.
Derrick | Houston | Leonard | Lucke | Muraven
This project will study partner behaviors during a smoker’s attempt to quit in an effort to learn which behaviors most influence success.
Barrick | McGillicuddy
This project proposes to develop a telephone-based, role-playing tool to assess the clinical skills practitioners learn in a variety of training settings.

Current RIA Treatment Researchers