Previously Funded Research Projects

Derrick | Houston | Leonard | Lucke | Muraven
This project studied partner behaviors during a smoker’s attempt to quit in an effort to learn which behaviors most influence success.
Eiden | Leonard | Colder
Researchers studied the impact of early childhood risk and protection and parents’ alcohol problems on underage drinking and substance use in a prospective study spanning infancy to adolescence in order to help develop early interventions to address the issue.
Eiden | Colder | Schuetze
This study examined the impact of prenatal exposure to cocaine and other substances and associated environmental risks on the development of children’s ability to regulate physiology and behavior in response to stress from birth to middle childhood and social competence in the school setting.
The main goals of this study were to determine which negative work conditions are related to alcohol use away from work and during the workday and to identify subgroups of workers who are especially vulnerable to work stress-induced alcohol use.
Deutsch | Haj-Dahmane
The main goal of this study was to help develop pharmaceutical drugs that may help remedy pain, stress and/or withdrawal from drug abuse.